Sullivan’s REBEL Show Box
  • Sullivan’s REBEL Show Box
  • Sullivan’s REBEL Show Box

Sullivan’s REBEL Show Box

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Sullivan’s REBEL Show Box farbe blau

Show Box-Abmessungen: 137cm hoch x 71cm breit x 68cm tief

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Sullivan’s REBEL Show Box is an elite, durable show box comprised of unique features and designs for the top showman. The body is built to hold everything you might need in well-organized compartments. One of the many unique features is the double wide can slide out that will hold two rows of aerosol cans or quarts in the top compartment and gallon bottles on the bottom shelf, all the while keeping them hidden and easily accessible. The REBEL is equipped with two slide out drawers that will hold up to 50 lbs. and a slide out bottom shelf for easy access. The double deep door can hold two rows of cans or one row of gallon bottles per shelf and will fit even the tallest sprayer bottles. Along with all these special features what really makes the REBEL a stand out is that it is the first of its kind to be offered in multiple specialty colors.

Show Box Dimensions: 54” tall x 28” wide x 27” deep